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A Note on The Walk Last Year

I just received this on one of our sites and want to share it with you…and yes I had a fine time in Juarez and it was lifechanging. Hi Dave- Just wanted to thank you for having had the guts (yes) and the insight to do this walk across Cd. Juárez. I just stumbled across […]

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Copper Canyon Train

A Big Iron Needle… Jessamyn West called the Union Pacific “a big iron needle stitching the country together” and these are fitting words to describe the Copper Canyon train, For some 400 miles is stretched through some of the world’s most rugged and dirt remote country to connect the center of northern Mexico to the […]

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Walk Across Juarez

It all began as a bit of a joke and then this idea of walking across Juarez made all the sense in the world. Here are current blogs on it And the press release… FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE <<<PRESS CONFERENCE, 5p, FRI AUG 19, RAMADA IN JUAREZ>>> Contact: Dave Hensleigh, 217-369-9897 “One Solitary Gringo” […]

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