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Top Seven Reasons to Put Copper Canyon, Mexico on Your Bucket List

This place is more vast than our Grand Canyon and it awaits curious travelers now. Most people have never heard of it but for those who have it is on their personal bucket list. And there are many reasons for this. Here are seven reasons to catch Copper Canyon in this lifetime: 1. The Rarámuri […]

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Sun Bowl trip to Copper Canyon

Every year we offer an add on trip to Sun Bowl guests. The Sun Bowl is on New Years Eve each year and out excursions let you enjoy the game and then leave the next morning for about five days in the incredible Copper Canyon. <click here for this year’s Sun Bowl trip. Call Dave […]

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One day in the life of the Copper Canyon train

  The streets of Chihuahua appeared black, movement-devoid slabs as the van unimpededly slipped over then at 0530 to the train station, not a single automobile encountered during the brief journey from the Hotel San Francisco.  Founded in 1709 by the Spaniards and taking the Indian word for “dry and sandy place” as its name, […]

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Authentic Copper Canyon Small Group Experiences

Dave Hensleigh and his team of experts offer monthly, culturally-rich trips to the majestic Copper Canyon and here are some options: <Monthly trips to Copper Canyon on the train  <The Blue Corn Express – a culinary trip through Copper Canyon, coming April, 2011 <click here for a recent Blue Corn Express itinerary . <The Sotol Circle– a 4 day […]

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