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Trips to Copper Canyon in 2016

Our small groups often travel the Copper Canyon train and we have a number of trips already scheduled for 2016. Most important thing to know is that you can travel with just two people–and the price is reasonable. Our guides are so non-intrusive that you feel like you are on your own–yet that bilingual local […]

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2015 Copper Canyon Trips

We will have a number of trips on the Copper Canyon train this year. Actually we have 3 already sold out and people are asking about October trips on CHEPE. Our approach is to keep groups small. Often when a group of Mexico travelers contacts us, we put together a trip just for them that […]

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Copper Canyon Food

All up and down the train lineĀ  in Copper Canyon the food is so good. We are the ones who invented the first and only culinary trip to Copper Canyon – we call it The Blue Corn Express. Recently on of our Copper Canyon Train Trips stopped at the home of a friend named Raquel […]

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Semana Santa in Copper Canyon? Or Not?

People often ask me about visiting Copper Canyon on one of our train tours for Semana Santa, holy week. They have read the accounts of the celebrations there and especially the Mexican mindset really focuses on this time there. To be sure there are some interesting aspects related to the Tarahumara syncretic religious practices. But […]

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