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Our Copper Canyon tours are filled with food, local culture, history, and plenty of fun…all led by our local team of Copper Canyon experts.

No reading allowed on the Copper Canyon train!

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The Market in El Fuerte…Yummm!

There are many highlights food wise on a Copper Canyon train trip. One of the best though is to forgo the delicious breakfast at Rio Vista lodge over the river at El Fuerte. The yummy alternative is to walk across the plaza to the buzzing market and have some tacos or a bowl of the […]

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Top Seven Reasons to Put Copper Canyon, Mexico on Your Bucket List

This place is more vast than our Grand Canyon and it awaits curious travelers now. Most people have never heard of it but for those who have it is on their personal bucket list. And there are many reasons for this. Here are seven reasons to catch Copper Canyon in this lifetime: 1. The Rarámuri […]

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Sun Bowl trip to Copper Canyon

Every year we offer an add on trip to Sun Bowl guests. The Sun Bowl is on New Years Eve each year and out excursions let you enjoy the game and then leave the next morning for about five days in the incredible Copper Canyon. <click here for this year’s Sun Bowl trip. Call Dave […]

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