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Our Copper Canyon tours are filled with food, local culture, history, and plenty of fun…all led by our local team of Copper Canyon experts.

Copper Canyon FAQs

Here are some common questions and answers that people have who come on our Copper Canyon train trips: FAQs for Authentic Copper Canyon Trips:   When are trips scheduled in 2013? Monthly. Special trips can be arranged for groups or occasions. Usually our groups have 4-10 people   Where does my trip start and end? El […]

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Loose your cellphone charger?

Traveler tip- it happened to me! This has to be one of the best traveler tips on the planet- and I needed it yesterday.Usually I am so organized but I left my Blackberry charger in a hotel in Mexico. Not sure how it happened but when I arrived in El Paso, it was not with […]

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A Note on The Walk Last Year

I just received this on one of our sites and want to share it with you…and yes I had a fine time in Juarez and it was lifechanging. Hi Dave- Just wanted to thank you for having had the guts (yes) and the insight to do this walk across Cd. Juárez. I just stumbled across […]

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What Makes our Copper Canyon Trips Better?

Here are a few factors that make our Copper Canyon tours more than just a tour- and the best on the planet: Our guides are local, skilled, personal, and a barrel of fun Our itineraries are flex and custom made to fit your interests Our groups are small- do you have two people- we call […]

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