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Travel with the team of experts from Authentic Copper Canyon…the trip of a lifetime

Copper Canyon Train Trip

The itinerary on your Copper Canyon tour makes all he difference in the world. We have the very best in guides, our hotels and lodges are carefully selected to be the tops in local choices, and our itineraries are hand designed for you based on years of collective experience in the Sierra Madres. Here are […]

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Our team makes the difference

Our tours to Copper Canyon lead the industry and at a very affordable price. There are many reasons for this…not the least of which is our excellent team of local guides. Dave Hensleigh founded Authentic Copper Canyon with a vision to give people a deeply enriching and connecting experience in the Sierra Madres. The heart and […]

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“One Solitary Gringo” to “Walk across Juarez”

     August 18-21, 2011   Walk Across What??? Juarez seems to be the LAST place any sane person would chose to even go to, let alone walk across. Most people assume that my body will end up filled with bullets, decapitated, and hung from some bridge with a scrawled cartel note tied to it. […]

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One day in the life of the Copper Canyon train

  The streets of Chihuahua appeared black, movement-devoid slabs as the van unimpededly slipped over then at 0530 to the train station, not a single automobile encountered during the brief journey from the Hotel San Francisco.  Founded in 1709 by the Spaniards and taking the Indian word for “dry and sandy place” as its name, […]

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