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Authentic Copper Canyon is the leader is peronalized excursions to the Sierra Madres

Trips to Copper Canyon in 2016

Our small groups often travel the Copper Canyon train and we have a number of trips already scheduled for 2016. Most important thing to know is that you can travel with just two people–and the price is reasonable. Our guides are so non-intrusive that you feel like you are on your own–yet that bilingual local […]

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Copper Canyon Safe?

The one Statistic on Safety in Chihuahua I address this question often with travelers. As a matter of fact I ALWAYS talk about safety when I speak to any group about Copper Canyon. People know that it is an amazing place, that the train is so unique, and that the culture and people are captivating. […]

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What Makes our Copper Canyon Trips Better?

Here are a few factors that make our Copper Canyon tours more than just a tour- and the best on the planet: Our guides are local, skilled, personal, and a barrel of fun Our itineraries are flex and custom made to fit your interests Our groups are small- do you have two people- we call […]

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Our Guests Rave about our Personal Trips to Copper Canyon

I just visited with a couple at the end of their husband/wife trip through Copper Canyon with our team. This British couple went on and on about how they loved it. Call Dave today at 217.369.9897 or email for info on your individualized trip to this majestic place.

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