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About Dave Hensleigh

Dave Hensleigh: Dave Hensleigh started Authentic Mexico Travel to provide curious travelers a rich dose of the less traveled places in Mexico. Dave’s passion for Mexico travel runs deep, and his enthusiasm for and knowledge of the area will enrich your experience there. Dave’s graduate work was in Biology and he has spent much of his life exploring and guiding in the Rockies and Sierras. He loves to garden and cook- especially the cuisine of the Sierra Madres. Dave has assembled a team of expert local Mexican guides and providers who will help him serve you on your journey. Groups are always kept small and this team of local guides makes for a truly personalized and informed Copper Canyon experience.

New things coming…trips to Puebla, Oaxaca, and Chiapas

The last five years in Copper Canyon We have been developing this Copper Canyon train tour and all of the specialty trips as well over the past five years. The focus has been authenticity and providing ways for our guests to have dynamic, personal, spontaneous, discovery experiences in the Sierra Madres along the copper Canyon […]

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Semana Santa in Copper Canyon? Or Not?

People often ask me about visiting Copper Canyon on one of our train tours for Semana Santa, holy week. They have read the accounts of the celebrations there and especially the Mexican mindset really focuses on this time there. To be sure there are some interesting aspects related to the Tarahumara syncretic religious practices. But […]

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Our New Not For Profit

We are today filing the 501 (c) (3) papers for “Friends of Copper Canyon”- our new not for profit aimed at aiding the Copper Canyon people. We already have the State of Illinois organizational application in and approved. We will keep you updated on this new venture aimed at making a difference in this majestic […]

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Copper Canyon FAQs

Here are some common questions and answers that people have who come on our Copper Canyon train trips: FAQs for Authentic Copper Canyon Trips:   When are trips scheduled in 2013? Monthly. Special trips can be arranged for groups or occasions. Usually our groups have 4-10 people   Where does my trip start and end? El […]

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