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Copper Canyon Train Schedule   arrow

The Copper Canyon train rolls into Temoris from both directions every day.

The first train ready to go early on a December morning in Los Mochis.

January, 2012 Copper Canyon Train Info

Things have changed a bit with the Copper Canyon train. There is always the rumor that it will be discontinued, but train officials and others assure us that this will not happen. Actually the train changed schedule Sept 1, 2015 and you should contact us for details–the train site is not up to date and they have been slow to release info.

Recent CHEPE Changes

As we said above–the schedule has changed–so call Dave at 217.369.9897 for info or email

The second train travels WITH the first train now and is hooked onto the back. So the second train leaves at the same time as the first

Copper Canyon train schedule

With the second train hooked to the primero trains, the schedule slows just a bit- especially on busy days. We were there in the holiday season recently with several trips and stops at some stations took 5-10 minutes just to get all the people on.

Tips for riding theĀ  CHEPE train

  • buy tickets on board
  • you can make two stops overnight
  • the only “long” stop is at Divisadero for 15 minutes
  • ask someone who rides the train a lot where to get off
  • put your head out the window- do not read novels
  • relax and watch the miracle go by…
Copper Canyon trip

One of the simple pleasures on the Copper Canyon train as it rolls through paradise. Call us and we can get you connected to one of our awesome Copper Canyon train trips.