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Dave’s Family   arrow

We have a great crew…a bunch of adventurers. Some of them have sworn off backpacking after ranging through the hinterlands of Colorado and the Sierra Nevadas with “old Pop”, but they have adventure in their hearts.

Our family including some inlaws relaxing in Durango….I am proud of this bunch!

My good wife is the brains and encouragement behind this venture in Copper Canyon. From day one someĀ 42 years ago, we have operated with the software that life is not worth living unless it is given away. She is a giver- Habitat, church, all kinds of needy people…and she loves Copper Canyon.

Debbie on the tracks in Copper Canyon with one of our team, Alberto Lopez.

Debbie is the source for many ideas and the flow of encouragement to see them through…

Debbie with the new”Blue Corn Express” culinary trip banner.