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“I love trains…and I especially like this Copper Canyon run…I come alive when the whistle blows”

“I mean I really like trains…even to walk the rails fascinates me.”

“I love to snorkel and one of my real moments in Copper was teaching an older gentleman to snorkel over in the Sea of Cortez.”

“Relationships mean everything to me…here with my two buddies in Chi City, Jesus #1 (right) and Jesus #2 (left).”

“I am a Yosemite guy (worked there and have been back many times) and so waterfalls like this in Copper are sentimental”

“I am also a horse guy and though the ponies are a bit ragged in the area, I enjoy getting on them from time to time.”

“I just love Copper Canyon, period, and I enjoy taking people there.”