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Dave Hensleigh…also known as “CopperCanyonGuy”

Dave rolling along on the train through Copper Canyon

People enjoy riding the rails through this vast land with Dave Hensleigh and his team, and he enjoys it too! His experience, his keen insight on the land and culture of the country, his unbridled passion for the experience there- all of this combines to make him the ideal Copper Canyon trip planner. The Authentic Copper Canyon team of guides he has assembled are the best.


Dave hails from rural roots in nowhere Kansas and was educated in the Midwest and West Texas, earning an undergrad in Math and a Masters in Biology. All through his youth, the trails, mountains, grasslands and wild places of the Midwest and Mountain West were his haunt. One summer in college was spent roaming Yosemite, and since, backpacking the Sierras has been a hobby.


For thirty five years, Dave has been leading groups of people on trips and adventures and his cumulative experience in this work is vast. Several years ago he connected with Copper Canyon, fell in love with the place and its people, and immersed himself in the Sierra Madre culture. Now Authentic Mexico Travel takes curious travelers all over Mexico…places like Merida, Puebla, Chiapas, Oaxaca, Monarch areas, and Cuba.

A Christ follower, Dave initiated the “Fair Travel” guidelines aimed at making the economic models for Mexico travel more equitable.


He started Authentic Copper Canyon with a vision to give true travelers a vivid experience in the local life of Copper and its people- not simply a vacation or resort experience. Recently, writers traveling with Dave on the train referred to him as a “relationship machine.”  No one on the train is a stranger and he has friendships up and down the canyon. Dave is curious and loves to facilitate the serendipitous journeys for which Authentic Copper Canyon is famous. 

The Team:

Dave has assembled a team of expert guides and providers in the Sierra Madres that work together to provide vivid, safe and memorable experiences for each guest. This articulate group are experts on  the history, wildlife, and lore of the Copper Canyon region. And they are fun!

What Dave Offers:

Our Copper Canyon Tours are more of an experience than just a tour…like you get to know local people, hang out in little towns, and get a full taste of the Sierra Madre food– very unique. The trips range from train trips featuring out of the way places to rigorous adventure trips in Copper Canyon. All hotels have private rooms, clean linens, and hot water.

Now we are beginning to offer trips to a few other Mexico locations- using the same approach that make our Chihuahua trips such a hit. Dave has been traveling extensively in Merida,Oaxaca, Chiapas, and Puebla the past few years and now we offer those trips.

Welcome Aboard!

Travel with one of our authentic trips for just a day and you will know Mexico more deeply, you will meet and enjoy some new Mexican friends…and your life will be enriched.