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I don’t have a hotel for this fine little town- but I do have a restaurant- actually two.

1. First is La Cava. Right on the square, this place has been around for awhile and the food is great. One thing the brag about is their fruit desserts. Fruit and especially apples are a big part of the local economy.

Here is how the La Cava website describes the place:

La Cava (the cellar) has been in business since 1993. During these past years it has been our pleasure to welcome and provide hospitality to guests from across Mexico, the USA, and many foreign countries.

La Cava is located in the primary fruit growing region of Mexico. The area abounds with apple, peach, and cherry trees. Therefore, you can look forward to our menu of main course items and desserts prepared with fresh-from-the-orchard fruits. Our main course specialties are traditional Mexican meals of a variety of fish, beef, chicken, and pork dishes. Our menu changes daily, but we promise you will not be disappointed.

La Cava has a fully stocked bar and we will be pleased to make your favorite drink or one of our own

We are open year round. The most beautiful months of the year in Ciudad Guerrero are March and April, when the fruit trees are in full bloom. Our rainy season is in the months of June and July. October and November are usually beautiful months, dry with crisp cool mornings at out elevation of 4,100 feet.

2. The second is Gabbys- just of the main plaza on the west side of the little plaza. We have often stopped here and this place has great burritos, tacos, etc. It is upstairs and on a nice day you can dine out on the deck.

This town is a good stop if we drive in from El Paso.