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Estellas in Creel

For the freshest in wood stove cooking hit Estelas in Creel for any meal of the day.


Creel is a tourist town right on the Copper Canyon train line and it has a wide array of hotels. In the right season I like Creel but at times it can be filled with people and a bit touristy. In the rainy season- like from August 1 through October- the nearby Cusarare Falls are flowing and they are spectacular. Also the vegetation greens and the rocks and Tarahumara villages are scenic.

Creel Restaurants

They are lined up along the main drag and are easy to figure out. Here are a few of note:

-Tio Molco is a good basic place for breakfast or a snack. Good coffee. Great hospitality and very clean.

-Estelas is a little hole in the wall down by the Best Western. Not much of a menu and always something on the woodstove.

-The hangover hospital place up along the train tracks is good- burritos of all kinds and soup too.

-Veronicas on the main drag is a good basic place.

Creel Hotels

-Cheap and clean place is Cabanas Bertis on the main drag. Old Jilo offers and alternative to the Bohemian Margaritas where the backpackers swarm.

-Pueblo Viejo south of the main street is a decent place. Good food and not too pricey.

Quinta Mision is a new place in the old wood factory on the west end of the drag near the school. Very nice and they have large rooms for families.

-Best Western Creel is also a great option.

Creel Tours

We at Authentic Copper Canyon include Creel inn many of our train trips to Copper Canyon. Also one good local source for bike rentals, horses, guided trips of all kinds in Tres Amigos right on the main drag in Creel.