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A quick peak at two of the rooms at Casa de Nopal.

Casa de Nopal

This fine lodge was created and restored by Spencer and Emi MacAllum and is a real taste of old Mexico. The rooms are very spacious and comfortable and each is unique and filled with period furniture gathered from the area around Casas.

Each room is unique at Casa de Nopal

A little snack of tacos and local Tepache from the streets of Casas Grandes at Casa de Nopal.

Near the plaza, the MacCallums have restored  several historic adobes and furnished them with local antiques as part of a conservation effort to preserve some of the old aspect of the town. To help carry the project, they offer extended-stay rentals and sometimes can accommodate shorter-term guests. One house, La Casa del Nopal, resembles a small hacienda. With wireless Internet, library/lecture room, and overflow space nearby, it lends itself to small business retreats, academic conferences, and workshops….and is also perfect for our small groups. Another houses has a large, semi-subterranean, secret room from the mid-nineteenth century, built to hide women and children when the Apaches attacked. Each of these old adobes gives the feeling of walking into the nineteenth century, and someone is usually on hand to give a free, informal tour.

We also use a lovely lodge right at Paquime called Las Guacamayas.