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We use a variety of hotels up and down the Copper Canyon train line and in Baja. These are quality, local places with great hospitality. Each has private rooms, great cleanliness, great views and charm…and a huge welcome!

Our specialty is finding and taking you to local hotels that give you a genuine experience in the Sierra Madres. Matt Lauer, Today Show host commented in Conde Nast Traveler, “My other must? A sense of place. I hate generic hotels- I want my rooms to reek of the country I’m in.”

We agree…and the places we list here are not places that are paying us for the page or doing a link exchange. Quite to the contrary, they are local inns that will offer you the hospitality and quality that are the DNA of old Mexico. And you wont get spoken to in baby talk English.

So…if you want to contact the hotels on your own, go right ahead. Also we will be glad to assist you in getting reservations.

A more complete list of hotels is on the Chihuahua Tourism Board site.

Use the drop down on the our main page for hotels in the various areas.