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Copper Canyon Train RV Tours

For years you could piggy back your RV on the Copper Canyon train, but those days are gone. I have asked why and the answer is liability and economics. Oh well…

Driving your RV to Copper Canyon

There are two main approaches- one from El Paso on Hiway 45 and the other south from Arizona.

RV parks in El Fuerte and Creel

Here is an RV Park in El Fuerte that will serve you well. If you don’t like this one, there are several: just stop at the Pemex on the main highway and ask.

One in Creel that will serve you well is Hotel Villa Mexicana.

Your Copper Canyon RV Tour

You may approach from the east on west. From the west park in El Fuerte. From the east park in El Paso, Chihuahua City, or Creel. Which is the best Copper Canyon RV route? Depends on your schedule and your  destination after Copper.This artice may help.

In the canyons, you will want to hit the main places- but don’t miss the Areponapuchi and Divisadero area. This is the place that has the new gondola, zip lines, climbing wall, etc. There some locals there I know who can give you a place to park your RV. This will work if you drive in from the east side.

Or feel free to call Dave at 217.369.9897 or email . We can put together a full Copper Canyon train trip and help you with RV arrangements.