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FAQs for Authentic Copper Canyon Trips:

When are trips scheduled to Copper Canyon?
More than monthly. Special trips can be arranged for groups or occasions. We go about 20 times a year. We also go often to Chiapas, Oaxaca, Puebla, Merida, Cuba, and to the butterfly areas of Michoacan

Where does my trip start and end?
Usually in Chihuahua City (CUU) and they end in Baja with a flight home Cabo (SJD). Arizona departures are also available.

Is this a hiking trip where I sleep on the ground?
No. We stay each night in local hotels or lodges. You will have the opportunity to hike around and explore if you want. As far as minimum fitness, you need to be able to get on and off the train with your luggage and to be able to walk moderate distances comfortably.

What are the hotels and cabanas like?
They are all clean and have comfortable beds in private rooms Each has hot water showers and towels provided. Most of all, they are in out of the way places with charm and some cultural or historical interest.

How much luggage can I bring?
Basically the maximum you are allowed to carry on an airline is what is recommended- a small piece of luggage and then another small bag or day pack. We have a recommended packing list for you.

Can I drink the water?
There is bottled water available almost everywhere along the trip including aboard the train.

Is Mexico safe?
Quite safe. Actually, our guests often feel more secure on our trips than they do in American cities. I recommend that you use common sense and go out with someone else.

Does Mexico have our kind of electricity?
Yes…so bring your camera charger or whatever essential small device you may need.

What about telephones in Mexico?
Depends on where you are. You can buy a phone card at one of the little stores and use it at a card telephone on the street. US cell phones get poor coverage and are expensive to use unless you have an international plan.

What is the train like?
The trains are roomy, clean, and secure. You will have a reserved seat, but you are free to get up and roam around to gaze out the open windows between the cars (my favorite place), visit with others, or stop into the dining car. You will receive a kilometer referenced guide so that you can keep track of the sites, bridges, and tunnels along this incredible journey.

Will I have free time to explore?
Absolutely. I recommend you take off in pairs.

What about the elevation?
The train does pass through 8000 ft elevation, but our evenings are lower than this…like 7000 ft max.

Best time of year to go? Any season works–sometimes it is both hot and dry in June.

Are all of our “Authentic Copper Canyon” trips the same?
They vary month by month to include history/architecture, nature/photography, hiking/horseback riding, etc. We can always design a trip for you if you have a group of 4 or more. Many people choose to include a Baja adventure at the end of the trip.

What does the trip cost?
The 8-10 day trip is usually $1850- 2000, and discounts are available for groups and families.

What is included when I book my trip?
All expenses (transport, guide, food, lodging) once you arrive and until you depart Mexico, except 5-10 meals in country. You also pay a small tourist tax at the border.

So…how do I get started?
You can simply respond on this site, call Dave at 267.880.6542 or email