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The new ziplines in the heart of Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon is the ideal setting for adventure experiences- it is a wild and rugged place and is dotted with enchanting and welcoming little villages.

Authentic Copper Canyon offers a complete range of adventure options in this incredible setting.

Adventure trips to Copper Canyon can be personalized to meet the interests of your group…biking, hiking and backpacking, ziplines, horse┬áriding, running with the barefoot runners (Raramuri), and much more…even a climbing wall!

Call Dave Hensleigh at 217.369.9897 or email or visit for more info.

We specialize in small group adventure excursions to the majestic Copper Canyon…and yes, it is over 6000ft deep at spots like this above Urique.

Note that our new running trip gives the opportunity to run with the famed Tarahumara runners of “Born to Run” fame.