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Copper Canyon Safe?

The one Statistic on Safety in Chihuahua

I address this question often with travelers. As a matter of fact I ALWAYS talk about safety when I speak to any group about Copper Canyon. People know that it is an amazing place, that the train is so unique, and that the culture and people are captivating.

But gringos don’t go now because they think it is gravely dangerous there. And frankly many Mexicans think the same- like ones who live 20 hours away and have never been there. Beyond this the governmental tourism entities have thrown this area under the bus.

So I like this one statistic: ZERO.

This comment on our Copper Canyon travel site recently says it well:

“I read a statistic recently on harm to visitors, Mexican or American, to Chihuahua. Guess what: ZERO. But what about the reports of cartel deaths of American citizens? It’s common practice along the border for Mexican women to cross into the US to give birth to a baby so that the baby will be an American citizen. She returns home, and her baby grows up as Mexican as you please. When later on he gets cross-wise with the cartels, the US papers report that a US citizen was killed, scaring everybody to death! In the last few weeks I passed through Juarez twice going to and from Guatemala and talked with the cabbies. They agreed with what Dave has just written. Emalie and I live four hours from Juarez by bus, in Casas Grandes, Chihuahua. There never was any problem for visitors here and some stalwart souls are discovering that. Visitors are coming back — to historic Casas Grandes, the art-pottery village of Mata Ortiz, the archaeological ruins of Paquime, and more. If you’d like to learn more about this area from someone living here, feel entirely free to call us. It’s easy as can be. We’ve an El Paso phone line (915-261-0502) that rings here in Mexico.”  -Spencer MacCallum

How I Feel when I am in Juarez

I have written extensively about this- but let me say briefly that I feel safer and more at ease in Juarez than I do in US cities. When I say this to border area Mexicans, they nod and smile. When I say it to gringos, they think I am an idiot and severely deceived.

Here is a video I made the other day on the topic of safety in Juarez–judge for yourself and we welcome you to Chihuahua.

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