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The Copper Canyon Train

Copper Canyon Trip

Stay Adventurous” is one of the best handles for a travel blog I have run across. And its writer, Craig Zabransky, is one of the most articulate in the business. Craig was recently with us on a trip filled with writers and travel professionals to Copper Canyon. It was a cool trip – always nice to travel with people who know travel and revel in new and truly local places.

Craig on the left at a potters home in Mata Ortiz

 Copper Canyon Train

Craig wrote a very good piece on the train in Copper Canyon compete with lots of pics. It starts like this:

Mexico surprises. After each and every visit I return home wanting more.  My recent trip to the Mexican border state of Chihuahua proved no different. The seven nights in the state will always be remembered for the warmth of its people, the taste of its cuisine and the beauty of its landscapes. It was an absolute adventure. And if there was highlight, it might select Chihuahua Pacifico Train through Copper Canyon, el Chepe.

I love train travel…



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