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Loose your cellphone charger?

Traveler tip- it happened to me!

This has to be one of the best traveler tips on the planet- and I needed it yesterday.Usually I am so organized but I left my Blackberry charger in a hotel in Mexico. Not sure how it happened but when I arrived in El Paso, it was not with me. I envisioned getting to some store and buying another, but with no wheels and not wanting to spend $20, it was a bit of a challenge.

Copper Canyon trip

I had just returned from a great train trip through Copper Canyon with a group of writers and travel agents/ tour operators that lasted 8 days. It was a wonderful serendipitous trip along the Copper Canyon train and we all arrive back in the USA smiling and refreshed by the hospitality and sense of safety in Chihuahua- it happens on every Copper Canyon tour we take.

Anyway, I expected to lay over a day in El Paso and return to Chihuahua to visit with our team of barefoot runners and experience Day of the Dead in Porochi ejido. While in El Paso I would use my gringo cell phone- but my Blackberry charger was missing!

On the way to the hotel I told Rick the driver that I needed to find a charger and he said quietly that he could help me. He dropped me at the door and said he would go to his office and be right back. Several minutes later he drove up and handed me a used cell charger out the window.

And duh! It hit me that hotels have tons of cell chargers because people like me leave them in rooms all the time.

How to replace a lost cellphone charger

Just ask at the desk at your next hotel. Usually they will have several in a drawer at the counter or the cleaning/ transport staff will have them in their storage area. Or ask the concierge– someone will have one. You may need an iPhone charger or a Blackberry charger or whatever. But just ask. It beats buying one and gives you a good chance to generously tip the staff and saves you time.



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