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A Note on The Walk Last Year

Copper Canyon Train

On the plaza in Juarez...this place is alive and well!

I just received this on one of our sites and want to share it with you…and yes I had a fine time in Juarez and it was lifechanging.

Hi Dave-
Just wanted to thank you for having had the guts (yes) and the insight to do this walk across Cd. Juárez. I just stumbled across your account of it, so I know this comment comes kind of late, but I wanted to make it nevertheless.
If I can be so bold as to say that I speak in the name of all Mexicans, I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Yes, we ARE going through a VERY rough patch (I live in Monterrey), but I thank you for seeing and putting out to your readers ALL that is good and kind and beautiful about our dear Mexico. Thank you for helping others see BEYOND the grisly, graphic photos to the warmth, the kindness, the humor, the RESILIENCE, the JOY that real Mexicans carry in their hearts. Our beautiful country not only boasts natural resources and beauty aplenty, but more importantly, it boasts a people who (as you know) will open their homes and hearts to everyone. But if WE say it, they think that can’t be, that we’re biased, deluded, blind. Thank you for being a “gringo” voice speaking the truth, thank you for having faith, thank you for appreciating us. Please just add your prayers to ours for the nightmare to end.
Mil gracias y saludos,
Vicky Treviño

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