Select one of our Copper Canyon trips below or a trip custom made for you.

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What Makes our Copper Canyon Trips Better?

Here are a few factors that make our Copper Canyon tours more than just a tour- and the best on the planet:

  • Our guides are local, skilled, personal, and a barrel of fun
  • Our itineraries are flex and custom made to fit your interests
  • Our groups are small- do you have two people- we call that a group
  • We include a full experience in the enchanting Casas Grandes area- including walking the streets of Mata Ortiz
  • Other options include Batopilas, Baja, Cuiteco, Temoris. Basasiachi, Rancho Uno and many more out of the way places
  • We offer specialty trips including “The Blue Corn Express”, the premier culinary trip to the Sierras
  • Another specialty trip is our running trip where you can traverse the rugged Sierras with the barefoot running Raramuri
  • Our itineraries are efficient to avoid early mornings, dead time on the train, etc
  • Itineraries vary with the season to avoid weather difficulties
  • We are inexpensive while delivering the best in food, hotels and experience

Most of all we listen to you and plan your Copper Canyon experience to fit with your interests. Call Dave today at 217.369.9897 or email for more info.

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  1. Knox Glass says:

    Provide lodging information on board the train please. A brochure would be preferred to 10616 Big Canoe, Big Canoe, GA 30143.

    Thank you

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