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The Boston Globe Travel Show

2012 Boston Globe Travel Show

Last February Authentic Copper Canyon represented Copper Canyon with the Mexico Tourism Board at the Boston Globe Travel Show at the Seaport Convention Center. It was not only good to be in Boston- we ate some great seafood, hit a couple of cool Irish bars, and strolled along the waterfront- but this is one of the best travel shows on the planet.

Our Experience

What makes the Boston Travel Show one of the best is:

– Over 24,000 people walk through the doors. The pay to enter and they are travelers…not just tourists.

– The show spans three days, not just two and the crowds fill the days.

– The Seaport venue is good and it is fairly close to downtown.

– We always seem to come back to the office with a good pack of names to add to our database.

The 2013 Boston Travel Show

The Seaport World Trade Center will again be the venue for this show and the days are February 8-10. We look forward to it and expect to see many of our friends we are making in the traveling community in Boston.


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