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Agave Lindo Tours

Diana Acosta of Agave Lindo tours

Diana Acosta of Agave Lindo Tours at a Travel Trade show in New York.

Agave Lindo Tours

One of our most essential partners for Copper Canyon trips is the crew at Agave Lindo Tours in Casas Grandes. When our small groups arrive Diana Acosta and her team roll out the red carpet and deliver 2-3 days of hospitality, guide work, food, and friendship that make our stay there perfect

The Agave Lindo team

Diana Acosta is the owner and the heart and soul of this skilled group. Her expertise, passion for the culture and connection to every aspect of the local scene make her a favorite with every Copper Canyon group

Alma Nunez is an expert on Paquime, a skilled guide for all areas around Casas, and also a delightful host at Casa de Nopal. Alma and her husband are also skilled folk dancers and sometime entertain us with a bit of local dance.

Casa de Nopal

The Agave Lindo office is at the little lodge, Casa de Nopal, not far from the square in Casas Grandes. The six rooms at Casa are each unique and give our Authentic Copper Canyon guests a taste of local culture. The rooms are lovely, quiet, comfortable, and filled with art and local artifacts. Perfect.

Actually this hacienda type 100 year old adobe hotel is just a stones throw from Paquime and just a few kilometers from Mata Ortiz pottery.


Casas Grandes is easy to reach from Arizona or Texas and is close enough to the border to make a good first or last stop (or both) for a Copper Canyon trip. Cross at Agua Prietas and head to Janos, or Polomas to Janos, or St Teresa to Janos then south 40 minutes to Nuevo Casas Grandes. Casas Grandes is just 10 minutes west of Nuevo. Follow the signs when you arrive in Casas.

Contact for Agave Lindo Tours

You can easily call Diana or Alma at (520) 838-9729 or email That phone is a US line and both of them speak English.


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