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Best time of year to visit Copper Canyon

This video was shot in October- a very nice season to experience Copper Canyon.

What time of year is best for the Copper Canyon train?

The answer to this question that I often get is easy to answer: whenever you want to go. Each season has its positive aspects and you just need to be aware of what they are and have your itinerary reflect that season.

I usually recommend avoiding June (it is both hot and dry), but any other season is good.

My favorite time of year for a Copper Canyon trip?

Hard to say. But I would say probably August or the holiday season. August is so fresh and green because the rains have started. It is hot at lower elevations, but at upper areas the almost daily showers freshen the environment.

The period from Thanks giving through New Years is neat for two reasons. One is that the Mexicans celebrate in such an inclusive way- its fun. There is nothing like Christmas Eve (Noche Buena) or New Years Eve (Dia Ultima) in Arepo or El Fuerte.

Also the lower elevations are so enjoyable at this time of year. The mornings are crisp and the days warm…so nice!

For Copper Canyon tours its not the time of year, its the itinerary!

So enjoy Copper Canyon trips any time of year. Just make sure your itinerary is planned to fit with the time of year. Many companies cookie cutter Copper Canyon tours- offering the same itinerary year round. They cram people on huge buses for those loooooooong rides down and back with the same stops in September as in February. Usually the time on the train is minimal, the little towns are avoided, and the experience is generic.

We take a different approach. Each of our Copper Canyon train trips is designed for the interests of the guests as well as the season- and even local holidays!

Welcome aboard!

I always try to take along a good book to Copper Canyon...for that quiet moment on the train or by a fire- like here in Cuiteco.

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  1. Woody Rea says:

    Planning a trip to Copper Canyon from San Miguel de Allende for four people. Four nights maximum in the period April 20-25. First class accommodations. Can you help with arrangements?

    Thank you–Woody Rea

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