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Top Seven Reasons to Put Copper Canyon, Mexico on Your Bucket List

This place is more vast than our Grand Canyon and it awaits curious travelers now. Most people have never heard of it but for those who have it is on their personal bucket list. And there are many reasons for this. Here are seven reasons to catch Copper Canyon in this lifetime:

1. The Rarámuri or Tarahumara– they inhabit the canyons, they are the only Indians to really survive the Spanish, and they are the infamous barefoot runners of “Born to Run”.

My little friend “Once” from Carichic- one of the some 70,000 Raramuri in the Sierra Nevadas- truly a “people apart”.

2. The train through Copper Canyon CHEPE is one of the world’s great railways- it took nearly 100 years to complete.

The Copper Canyon train approaching the colonial town of El Fuerte.

This amazing railway stretches across the rugged Copper Canyon and includes 37 bridges and 86 tunnels.

3. The little towns – the real flavor of rural Chihuahua and Mexico .

Janos is one of the towns that many miss- the old mission there reeks with history!

4. The history and lore is enchanting in Copper Canyon.

Hand weaving near Cusarare.

5. Adventure travel options abound in Copper Canyon.

We can include trips that cruise the remote islands of Baja.

Copper Canyon has ziplines, rock climbing, horse riding, hiking…and we can take you to nowhere on the Sea of Cortez.

6. The food in Chihuahua is unique- very different from other parts of Mexico.

Chihuahua is the original home of flour tortillas.

7. The Mata Ortiz pottery…incredible treasures from this tiny village!

One of the pots from a vendor on the street in Mata Ortiz.

And one more thing….the view from those ridges in Copper Canyon is beyond belief!

The views go on forever in this amazing place.

Our team of local Mexican guides there can give you the best in a Copper Canyon tour.

Alfredo Murillo…the fave of many of our Copper Canyon guests.

So join us soon in this majestic place!

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